Thursday, 25 February 2010

Men are just happier people,we'll see about that!!

Recieved this today & thought I would share it with you all:

Nicknames: If Laura,Kate & Sarah go out to lunch,they will call each other Laura,Kate & Sarah.

If Mike,Dave & John go out,they will affectionately refer to each other as Fat boy,Godzilla & Nut job!

Eating Out:when the bill arives Mike,Dave & John will each throw in £20,even though its only £32.50.None of them will have anything smaller & none will admit they want the change!

When the girls get their bill,out come the pocket calculators.

Money:A man will pay £2 for a £1 item he needs.

A woman will pay£1 for a £2 item that doesnt need but its on sale.

Bathrooms: A man has 6 items in his bathroom: toothbrush & toothpaste,shaving cream,razor,a bar of soap & a towel.

the average number of items in the typical womans bathroom is 337! A man would not be able to identify more than 20 of these items.

Arguments:A woman has the last word in any argument. Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument.

Future: A woman worries about the future until she gets a husband.

A man never worries about the future until he gets a wife.

Success:A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend.

A successful woman is one who can find such a man.

Marriage: A woman marries a man expecting he will change,but he doesnt.

A man marries a woman expecting that she wont change,but she does.

Dressing Up: A woman will dress up to go shopping,water the plants,empty the bins,answer the phone,read a book,and get the post.

A man will dress up for weddings and funerals.

Natural: Men wake up as good looking as they went to bed.

Woman somehow deteriorate during the night.

Offspring:Ah,children. A woman knows about dentist appointments and romances,best friends,favourite foods,secret fears,hopes & dreams.

A man is vaguely aware ofsome short people living in the house.

Thought for the day: A married man should forget his mistakes.Theres no use in two people remembering the same thing!

SO,tell all your lady friends who have a sense of humour.......& to the men who will enjoy hearing it!!!

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The Ingredients To My Infertilty

I come from a large family of females,my nan had 4 girls,who in turn(apart from my mum who was the only sister to have a boy)all had girls.In three generations I am the only female to have "infertilty problems". My nan,who is 85,often likes to tell me that all she had to do was open her legs & she got pregnant!her words,not mine,love you nan! She has often told me that if she could have a baby for me she would(think we might get on the Jeremy Kyle show if that happened,LOL) & thinks that its cruel that I should be "barren"(her words again!)So as you can imagine my infertility is a great topic of conversation between my aunts & cousins. One of my aunts doesnt agree with IVF,but shes never had to deal with it,& lots of my cousins have offered their womb to me!but I really would like to try & carry my own child. So let me tell you my story & I hope it doesnt bore you!

Deep down I've know for a long time that something wasnt right,even before I went for all the tests. I did become pregnant along time ago when I was 20 & married to my first husband(thats another story!) I suffered a miscarriage at 10 wks & subsequently had a laperoscopy & D&C, I no that it cant be proved but I think that the D&C helped to block my tubes.

Anyway, it wasn't till I met Mr K 10 years ago that I thought about kids, & after a year of being together I stopped taking my birth control & nothing ever happened. I had always thought if its ment to be it will happen,then I thought this is never going to happen. It wasnt unitl May 2007 that I plucked up the courage to go the doctors, who then refered me to the hospital.Then spent from may till Dec 2007 waiting for another laperoscopy. My consultant at the hospital was not very compassionate,as when I came round from the surgery She just said rather sternly,"we pushed dye through your tubes & it didnt come out the other end" & that was it!!no explanation,nothing! That night I went home in tears,I really thought this is it,no babies & its all my fault, I was devastated.When I went back to see Miss Stern,she said they wanted to do a HSG,so again more waiting. Finally had this done in June 2008 & they managed to unblock one tube after 2 attempts(this bloody hurt!) & I'm not ashamed to say I cried like a baby(I have a low pain threshold anyway,passed out twice from breaking fingernails!this is true!!)

I then started on the downward spiral of the devils drug as I like to call it, "clomid". Took this for a year & poor Mr K suffered very badly towards the end,I dont think I stopped crying for a whole month,hated him being near me,then cried for him when he'd had enough & buggered off fishing!I really thought I was going round the bend & this was when I decided I couldnt take anymore & stopped taking them.

During this time I was reffered for one free IVF treatment. When I hadnt heard anything from the hospital for 4 months I phoned to see Miss Stern only to be told I'd been discharged! was vv angry & when I finally got to see Miss Stern she told me I was no longer eligable for free IVF as they had changed the criteria!! Never heard so much bollocks in my whole life! She went on to say again without any compassion that I would have to pay for it myself & what was £10,000 if I got a child in the end!! Yeah right,I'll just go & pick it off my money tree at the end of my garden,thats if the fairies & pixies havent stolen it!!cos we all have a spare ten grand floating around dont we!

I sort of gave up hope by then,one of my friends had given birth to her 4th child at 40 & I remember sitting in my garden late at night cos I cudnt sleep,thinking it will never be me,I will never get to hold my own child,I will never go through what she has gone through-lovely big tummy,agonisng labour-I will never experience this & I think thats when it really hit me that I may never have kids,& i just couldnt accept it,I needed to try,otherwise I would die knowing that I had never tried & even now if it doesnt happen at least I know I've given it a damn good try.

Thats why I wanna say a big big thank you to my lovely mum,as without her help none of my IVF treatment would be possible,so thank you mum,love you so much & I hope to give you your grandchild soon,& to the wonderful Mr K for putting up with me through all my tears,tempers & sadness,Love u Mr K!!!

Time to get the mixing bowl ready. xx

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Get me to the clinic on time!!

Yayee,Mr K & I finally made to are appointment,on time,it was a miracle!It was touch & go for a while & I really thought we were guna be late. You have to know that im renowned for being late,infact I think its a built in gene in my family!Theres like a silent code,if we say where guna be somewhere by a certain time everyone knows that we will be running at least 20mins behind schedule(my brother is the worst,if Im looking after my nephew for the day & he says he'll be back at 3 we know it will be more like 6!)So anyway,just to quickly update you,I had one failed IVF in september 09,really took me along time to get over it,as anyone who has experienced this will know,I felt it was like a grieving process for me,but I eventually made it to the other side & I knew it was time for another go,& being a newly turned 41,time is not on my side,so I knew I had to get my arse it gear,the longer I left it the more eggs I'd loose as we all know it declines with age.Fortunatly I had a good AMH level of 8.4,which for an old bird is pretty good!
Anyway,my clinic is in cheshunt & for us its an hour each way on the dreaded M25(I hate this road)& we always leave in plenty on time,& this is the only time I'm ever early as I hate to be late for my appontments.We get on dreaded motorway & its just at a standstill & I'm like "nnnnoooooo"its just gridlocked!!varios swear words are circling my brain & I think any minute now there all guna come tumbling out(I also suffer with REALLY bad road rage!)well,the other lane start moving & I'm thinking "come on Mr K move over into the other lane!!!" & just when I think I'm guna shout it out he moves lanes,Yes he can read my mind my soulmate! To cut along story short,there had been an accident on the other carriage way,but being nosey brits every one had slowed down to have a good look.We just made it in time to the clinic,now my clinic is quite small & is always running behind & of this I'm thankful.Mr K & I then spend the next hour refilling out all the consent forms as they have changed since last year,my lovely nurse Mary gets me my Suprecur ready to start my injections on day 21 of cycle & its typical that today was the day my AF was due & it decided to hide away,so mary can't tell me when they'll do my egg collection till I start af,but atleast i'm on my way!!
Mr K & I are doing a BOGOFF offer! Buy 2 IVF treatments & get a 3rd free!I wanted to ask if they would take my Tesco clubcard,imagine the amount of points I'd get!!wouldnt have to shop for years!!lol. So the next year could be a very busy & emotional year as I have to take all 3 cycles within 12 months,so at the end of it,I will either be pregnant,or childless,as after 4 attempts it hasnt worked i can't put myself or Mr K though it anymore,so PLEEEEAAAASSSSSEEEEE help me get my own bun in my oven!!!!
And I gota have lots & lots of HOPE.
Must go & warm up the oven.
x x x

Sunday, 14 February 2010

You'll have to excuse me as I'm new to "blogging" & don't quite now where to start!! But I hope you will join me on what I hope to be a fun & eventful "bun baking"!! I'm sure there will be lots of rants & tears,but hopefully a few laughs on the way!!