Thursday, 1 December 2011

Arg the dentist!!!

So today was the first time in all my 42 years & 363 days(yes its my birthday on Saturday!) on this earth that I've had something done to my teeth other than the normal check up & clean. I've always been proud that I've never had any fillings and have looked after my teeth well..........................but I HATE THEM!! they cross over at the front & I have 2 fangs for which I got teased for when I was younger,which has lead to me being paranoid about smiling for photos & not being able to do a big roaring belly laugh in front of people. I'm always conscious of meeting new people as I think the first thing there thinking is "oh my god look at her fangs!"
I've always wanted to get them straightened,so when at the age of 41 Mr K asked me which I would prefer to have done:teeth or eyes ?? I chose teeth. At the time I was pregnant, so I went for a consult with the orthodontist to see what she could do. She assured me she would be able to fix them,but I would have to wait until 6 months after Junior was born.............more waiting, but I figured I'd waited this long so another 8 months wouldn't hurt.
Anyway, I started my treatment in October(she had an op & was off work for months! more waiting!)When I saw her in November she said I would have to have 2 teeth out as I have a small mouth & not alot of room in there. At the time I didn't think anything of it, but the more I thought about it there more nervous I became. I didn't know what to expect. How do they get out healthy teeth?and what do they use? Needless to say this week I have worked myself up into a bit of a frenzy, I even had to phone the dentist & ask what I could expect, I like to be a bit prepared, although nothing prepared me for today!! She said I would have a few injections - A FEW!! FOUR to be precise!& that they wouldn't hurt- the ones in the roof of my mouth hurt like buggery! AND that I would just feel pressure as they got them out, yeah right lying bitch!! No one told me how vicious it would be!! I swear if the dentist could of wedged his foot under the door handle so he could pull harder he would of done! I almost wished I'd gone to my big bro & got him to tie string round them,attached the string to the door handle & slammed the door hard.........hey presto job done!!
Anyway after what seemed like an eternity(and during this time he had to stop because I felt faint & they had to get me a glucose drink) my lovely healthy pre molar 4 was ripped from her safe warm home. Only thing is she left part of her root behind, but all was ok he "flicked" it out with a nifty flick of the wrist.
I forgot to add that when I got to the dentist I promptly burst into tears..........oh the shame.
Then he went on to get number 4's sister on the left hand side(4 used to be my lucky number,I am now thinking of changing that!) all was going ok,he kept saying "oh good its coming loose,not long" & I thought "wow quicker than the 1st one"...had that thought a little to soon. He had to go & get in another dentist as it was proving a little stubborn & his arms where tired at this point. So cue dentist number 2,alot more tugging & huffing and puffing, then bingo............out it popped,only it broke & left a lot of the root inside. After what felt like an eternity of them poking & prodding & dentist number 3 coming in for a while,some of the root came out, but they couldn't get the rest, so had to have an xray to assess what was left, from that they got that my roots are splayed & they would not be able to get it out, I have to go back next week to see the specialist who should be able to get it out, turns out he has "tools" the normal dentists cant use. They said it might just come out easily,or worse case scenario he will need to cut my gum open..............lovely......I just know this is going to happen, bet it wont be straightforward!
I then got up to leave,felt faint & burst into tears again( I'm so over the shame now).
I eventually got packed of home with a bag of gauze, lips feeling bigger than Pete Burns,& ashamed at what a baby I am! oh & I could be the new Corsadil model!
Thankfully my lovely mummy was at home looking after Freddy, so I popped some painkillers & went to have a lay down, at this point my gums & teeth were starting to hurt, & I could feel Freddy's teething pain. But my teeth,sorry gums, wouldn't stop bleeding(another porkie pie by the dental nurse,she told me they stop bleeding after 10 minutes!).
So 4 hours post healthy teeth pulling they are still bleeding,though not as much now., I cannot speak properly due to the mahoosive gaps in my teeth,though Mr K has assured me u cannot see the gaps that much,& I feel like I'm lisping! I also feel like a child again,do you remember what it felt like when you lost a tooth & all the gum was exposed,it felt weird,gummy & airy in your mouth for a while. I'm hoping by the time my brace is fitted on the 22nd Dec(yes you read right,I'm having it done right before Xmas,I'm hoping that this will stop me over indulging & I may be the only person who looses weight over the festive period!) that I would of got used the "gummy" feeling & talking like Toyah Wilcox!
That aside I do not regret having me teeth out,I cant wait to pose for a family photo & give the biggest smile I possibly can!


Mrs K xxx