Thursday, 6 January 2011

PING!!!!! Cooking times up!

So here I am, made the big "40" for the second time in my life!! & boy has it been a roller coaster ride!Today has been a very emotional day for me, there have been alot of tears & various other emotions as I "looked" back over my whole IVF experience! I remember when I first found out I was pregnant, laying in bed each night praying that nothing would go wrong & every week saying "please let me get through the next 36 weeks" & wham bam here I am, the big 40 week mark, & it feels like only yesterday that I found out.
But now he really needs to come out!!!
Im not ashamed to admit that I have found the last 3-4 weeks very hard, but Im hoping & praying that it will all be over sooner rather than later,I really don't think I can go another 2 weeks, my body has had enough, Im struggling with the simplest of everyday tasks, even going upstairs is such an effort, I cant sleep because of the pains in my hips, & when I do fall asleep I wake myself up either choking or snoring(another thing they dont tell you you develop!!)then Im frightened to go to sleep in case I choke, its a vicious circle!
But Im hoping these things will disappear soon after the birth.
So all I can do is sit & wait................& wait!
So lets have a quick catch up from 12-40 weeks(dont worry it will be quick because thankfully nothing major happened,I've been extremely lucky!)
When I was 13 weeks I went to meet up with some of the lovely ladies that I've meet on twitter, the lovely ivfchronicles aka Sarah,ivfdiary aka Fi & phillygordan aka Phillipa( if you dont follow these ladies,then do,they are amazing) we had a great weekend in oxford & it was really nice to meet these ladies in person as I had become good friends with them & lots of other ladies on twitter. Since then I have also meet up with vhl girl,fbish wife @ meezze10(more lovelies).
Since then my pregnancy has progressed well, I had a private gender scan at 17 weeks(Im so impatient I couldn't wait till I was 20 weeks to find out!) & found out I was having a little boy, which he has loving been know as junior.
During this time Mr K & ! got busy decorating the nursery which I have LOVED doing, it is my pride & joy!
Probably the only "excitement" Ive had is at 32 weeks when junior decided to do a flip (which was not a nice experience as it caused me to bleed & have a major panic!!)& sit in the breech position for a week! But again the lovely ladies of twitter came to my rescue with lots of ways to help turn him back,which must of worked because he did!
So here we are now, junior continues to grow bigger & bigger with every passing second I think! Every day I have stresses & panics over the labour & birth, It wasnt till last week that it finally hit me that this baby had to come out somehow & I had a bit of a meltdown!
Sometimes I wake in the night & think its all been a dream as I cant feel him moving around,then I put my hand on my big swollen tummy & thank god it wasnt, he is really in there!
So please come out soon junior,mummy & daddy cant wait to meet you,you are going to be so loved & I promise to love you,protect you,& nurture you with all my heart my precious little miracle!!

Love Mrs K