Thursday, 1 December 2011

Arg the dentist!!!

So today was the first time in all my 42 years & 363 days(yes its my birthday on Saturday!) on this earth that I've had something done to my teeth other than the normal check up & clean. I've always been proud that I've never had any fillings and have looked after my teeth well..........................but I HATE THEM!! they cross over at the front & I have 2 fangs for which I got teased for when I was younger,which has lead to me being paranoid about smiling for photos & not being able to do a big roaring belly laugh in front of people. I'm always conscious of meeting new people as I think the first thing there thinking is "oh my god look at her fangs!"
I've always wanted to get them straightened,so when at the age of 41 Mr K asked me which I would prefer to have done:teeth or eyes ?? I chose teeth. At the time I was pregnant, so I went for a consult with the orthodontist to see what she could do. She assured me she would be able to fix them,but I would have to wait until 6 months after Junior was born.............more waiting, but I figured I'd waited this long so another 8 months wouldn't hurt.
Anyway, I started my treatment in October(she had an op & was off work for months! more waiting!)When I saw her in November she said I would have to have 2 teeth out as I have a small mouth & not alot of room in there. At the time I didn't think anything of it, but the more I thought about it there more nervous I became. I didn't know what to expect. How do they get out healthy teeth?and what do they use? Needless to say this week I have worked myself up into a bit of a frenzy, I even had to phone the dentist & ask what I could expect, I like to be a bit prepared, although nothing prepared me for today!! She said I would have a few injections - A FEW!! FOUR to be precise!& that they wouldn't hurt- the ones in the roof of my mouth hurt like buggery! AND that I would just feel pressure as they got them out, yeah right lying bitch!! No one told me how vicious it would be!! I swear if the dentist could of wedged his foot under the door handle so he could pull harder he would of done! I almost wished I'd gone to my big bro & got him to tie string round them,attached the string to the door handle & slammed the door hard.........hey presto job done!!
Anyway after what seemed like an eternity(and during this time he had to stop because I felt faint & they had to get me a glucose drink) my lovely healthy pre molar 4 was ripped from her safe warm home. Only thing is she left part of her root behind, but all was ok he "flicked" it out with a nifty flick of the wrist.
I forgot to add that when I got to the dentist I promptly burst into tears..........oh the shame.
Then he went on to get number 4's sister on the left hand side(4 used to be my lucky number,I am now thinking of changing that!) all was going ok,he kept saying "oh good its coming loose,not long" & I thought "wow quicker than the 1st one"...had that thought a little to soon. He had to go & get in another dentist as it was proving a little stubborn & his arms where tired at this point. So cue dentist number 2,alot more tugging & huffing and puffing, then bingo............out it popped,only it broke & left a lot of the root inside. After what felt like an eternity of them poking & prodding & dentist number 3 coming in for a while,some of the root came out, but they couldn't get the rest, so had to have an xray to assess what was left, from that they got that my roots are splayed & they would not be able to get it out, I have to go back next week to see the specialist who should be able to get it out, turns out he has "tools" the normal dentists cant use. They said it might just come out easily,or worse case scenario he will need to cut my gum open..............lovely......I just know this is going to happen, bet it wont be straightforward!
I then got up to leave,felt faint & burst into tears again( I'm so over the shame now).
I eventually got packed of home with a bag of gauze, lips feeling bigger than Pete Burns,& ashamed at what a baby I am! oh & I could be the new Corsadil model!
Thankfully my lovely mummy was at home looking after Freddy, so I popped some painkillers & went to have a lay down, at this point my gums & teeth were starting to hurt, & I could feel Freddy's teething pain. But my teeth,sorry gums, wouldn't stop bleeding(another porkie pie by the dental nurse,she told me they stop bleeding after 10 minutes!).
So 4 hours post healthy teeth pulling they are still bleeding,though not as much now., I cannot speak properly due to the mahoosive gaps in my teeth,though Mr K has assured me u cannot see the gaps that much,& I feel like I'm lisping! I also feel like a child again,do you remember what it felt like when you lost a tooth & all the gum was exposed,it felt weird,gummy & airy in your mouth for a while. I'm hoping by the time my brace is fitted on the 22nd Dec(yes you read right,I'm having it done right before Xmas,I'm hoping that this will stop me over indulging & I may be the only person who looses weight over the festive period!) that I would of got used the "gummy" feeling & talking like Toyah Wilcox!
That aside I do not regret having me teeth out,I cant wait to pose for a family photo & give the biggest smile I possibly can!


Mrs K xxx

Thursday, 10 November 2011

The Chocolate obsession

Its come to my attention that there is a big obsession with the baby having chocolate(or the lack of). This obsession comes in the form of family members,surprise surprise!

So I just want to ask, "what is the big obsession with giving baby's chocolate??"

We all have the choice of what to feed ourselves & our children. I'm choosing to try & give Freddy a healthy start in life.

I was VERY fussy as a child & at one point from the age of about 15 months lived on just marmite sandwiches & the occasional piece of cheese for many months! I don't want Freddy to be the same, you may find this hard to believe but its taken me 42 years to try raisins & blueberries! And don't even get me started on tomatoes & beetroot!!

Let me tell you the tomato story. So I was about 5 or 6 & I remember sitting in the lounge on the floor with a plate on a stool in front of me. On the plate was a tomato. One lone tomato & me & my mum. This is how the conversation went:

Mum "come on try it"

Me "but I don't like it"

Mum "how do you know you don't like it"

Me "I just don't like it"

Mum "you've never tried it,now try it"

Me (crying by now)"but I don't want to"

This resulted in my mum telling me that I had to sit there until I tried it.

Well I sat there for what felt like a week ( it was probably only half an hour but when your a kid half an hour is SO long!)
In the end my mum gave in (think I had stressed her out at this point!) & I was excused from the tomato! And to this day I have never tried a fresh tomato! I can eat chopped ones in a pasta sauce but that took about 28 years!

As for beetroot & mayonnaise I have never even tried them as the smell alone makes me gag!!
And I DO NOT want Freddy to follow in my footsteps, though I'm yet to give him beetroot or mayonnaise, I think Mr K may have to give him those as I fear will gag! Thankfully he does like tomatoes,phew!

So here I am trying to raise Freddy on a varied,balanced healthy diet & all I get is "when are you going to give him some chocolate??Bet he would love some, your depriving him" my answer is always the same, he has never had it so far,so therefore doesn't know what he's missing. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that Freddy will never have chocolate, I would just like to get him established on healthier foods first.

I do not condone anyone that wishes to give their baby chocolate from a young age,its your choice, so do not condone me for not giving my baby chocolate.

Mrs K x

Thursday, 4 August 2011

The buns out the oven!!!

Its been a VERY long time since my last post,6 months in fact! I cant believe its gone by so quick! I just had a read through my previous post(& had a little weep) & it still fells like yesterday,I remember the 6th January so well! its weird to think that 2.5 hrs after writing that post i had my first contraction. my only regret is that i haven't done more posts to document all the ups & downs we've been through as we became a family of 3(+ 3 dogs,5 chickens & 2 ferrets!) My main reason of starting this blog was so that at some point id be able to save it all for Freddy to read when he got older, but there never seemed enough time in the day, so I'll have to try & catch up over the next weeks(months!)

So yes, after that post Dave & i were having dinner & i felt a strange sensation in my tummy,it wasn't even a pain, but i just knew that this was it & it was all going to start, and i think it slapped me in the face then that junior was on his way out!

So i did the only thing i remember to do that id been told about,"relax & don't panic", which is strange because while i was pregnant i thought the minute i went into labour it would be all over for me,that id have a complete meltdown,crying "no Dave i cant do this,i don't want him to come out now!" but i surprised myself, i stopped eating and turned to Dave & said very calmly,"Dave i think I'm going into labour", He replied "i know!"

at that point i went & had a bath as i figured it would be a long night & i wanted to pass some time & just be with my big fat belly one last time in the bath,I wanted to have our last bath together(although it turned out that wasn't to be!)

I remember tweeting in the bath,though I didn't tell anyone that I had gone into labour just in case it was a false alarm.

Anyway fast forward a few hrs & about 9pm i had a,how do i put it politely,a major clear out if you know wot I mean! that's when I knew it was all systems go!

So I spent from 9-10pm timing contractions,which were from 3.5-4 mins apart,so phoned the maternity unit & midwife said to call again when contractions were over a minute long & not so long apart. I sent Dave to bed as all he wanted to do was film me in labour,which I was not very happy about! I was quite surprised at how quick my contractions progressed as by 1am they were over a minute long & very frequent,so i went to get Dave up so we could go,went to the loo & that's when I lost the plot, Istarted to bleed really heavily,panicked & screamed to Dave "oh my god I'm bleeding,phone the hospital!!" I thought the placenta was coming away and I was going to lose junior. So Dave was tell the midwife all this & she was like "oh its only a show, is it just a bit of pink mucus?tell her to put a pad in & call us later" I was screaming at Dave"ITS NOT A BLOODY SHOW,THERES LOADS OF BLOOD & MY CONTRACTIONS ARE A MINUTE AND HALF APART!" and she still said," yeah phone us later" with that Dave shouted at her and said we were coming in NOW! And when we went outside it was like a scene from a Sherlock Holmes episode,thick fog and we couldn't see more that 10ft in front of the car,and its a 30 min drive to the hospital on a good day & I just remember thinking,oh my god I'm going to give birth in the car!

We finally got to the hospital bout 2.30am only to be met by horrible midwife on the phone,midwife Doreen! First thing she said,"right lets have a look at all this blood then",nothing there!"see" she says"nothing there!""do me a sample in that put it on the bin" & left the room. When i went to the loo, cue loads of blood,I said to Dave "I'm not moving till she comes back & shes seen all this blood" so Dave took the sample whilst we wait for the ray of Sunshine's return!

When she eventually came back i showed her & she said,"like i said its only a show" to which i replied"well if id been told wot a show was really like instead of being told its just a bit of pink mucus then id know that wouldn't I!" then she asked for the wee sample which unbeknown to me Dave had put in the bin! Cue angry midwife now!"I didn't tell you to put it IN the bin, i said On the bin!" Dave felt like a naughty school boy then. "right,we'll put the monitor on you & see wots going on" Doreen barks,"shall i bring her bags in?" Dave's asks meekly"NO we don't know if your staying yet", so on goes the monitor & she leaves. "bloody hell Dave,i hope I don't have her all the way through,how the hell did she become a midwife?" "dunno" says Dave "but she bloody scares me". so we wait in silence,apart from the odd quiet moan from me(I'm frightened Doreen will tell me off if I make to much noise)& then she returns about 3.30am and states "oh your are in labour!" no shit Sherlock I say in my head! "right lets examine you & see how many centimeters you are". this is the part i like cos while she examines me my waters brake all over her,I'm silently laughing to myself, and she goes to leave........" many centimeters am i then?" i need to know this so I no roughly how long me & Doreen are going to be stuck with one another,"oh" she says "7 centimeters,well done for getting that far on your own"& just like that she changed it not nice Doreen! Thankfully half an hour later at 4am Doreen finishes and i get the most fantastic midwife EVER! the lovely Scottish Lorraine(no not kelly!) at this point i beg for some pain relief as Ive not had a thing,not even a whiff of gas & air! she looks at my notes & sees that I'm allergic to morphine "hhmmm...I'll have to check with the doctor wot you can have,but try the gas & air for now", Jesus,Ive never had such a quick head rush as i did from that first intake of gas, it was like Friday nights all over again from years gone by,i felt drunk!

Any way the lovely Lorraine comes back & explains that no i cant have anything, due to the lack of emergency doctors on,if they gave me an epidural or pethidine(both of which are morphine based)& something went wrong there wouldn't be anyone to attend to me,so basically it was gas & air & nothing else...............SHIT!! my worst nightmare came true,pain pain & more pain & nothing to do to dull it! Then Lorraine mentions the birthing pool is empty & would i like to go in there! YES YES YES!! this was the one thing i hoped for in labour all through my pregnancy,but was told your very lucky if you can get in there as theres only one pool.

so we all decamp to the pool & Ive got to say it was FAB!

one thing i should mention at this point is that Christmas eve i watched my one & only episode of One Born Every minute on C4, & one of the ladies(who was in labour) said to her husband "oh my god i think the baby's coming to come out my bum" at which i was in hysterics saying "silly cow,coming out of her bum, ha ha ha!" and it was only when i got in the pool i turned to Dave & Lorraine & said "oh my god I'm either going to have a poo or the babies coming out my bum!" i take back all my laughing Mrs OBEM!

Lorraine reassured me that neither of these actions were going to happen,thank god! So at about 6am i was ready to push junior into the world,only my contractions stopped! so we waited & we waited...............6 minutes in fact in between contractions! & every time i felt him progress down 5 mils it felt like he went back 20 mils!

it then got to about 7.15am and i heard Lorraine say to the assisting midwife that if he didn't come out by 7.30 then they have to get me out & pull him out! so i had to summons all my energy to get him out,no way was i getting outta that pool now,so with every contraction Dave,Lorraine & Sharon(assisiting mw)pushed me on to push that little bitter harder & little bit longer, even when i whimper "i cant push any harder"(can i say at this point how proud i was of myself as i didnt scream out in pain,although all my family never believed this till we made them watch the video!LOL! i just did wot Lorraine told me & she told me not to waste energy on screaming) & then with every breath i had in my body i pushed junior out! i cannot begin to tell you how amazing & surreal it was to see his head underwater looking around! we stayed like that for awhile waiting for the next contraction,half in the oven half out! then "whoosh" he was out & caught by the lovely Lorraine!

Welcome to the world Freddy James Junior at 7.45am!

she placed him on my chest & he cried & i said those words I've waited to say for so many years "its alright,mummys here" & cried happy tears.

After that i was just in a daze, I'd waited so long to meet this little fella & now here he was, just perfect.

Id rather not say to much about the stitching up,found it all a bit traumatic after the midwife had ago then had to get the head doctor to have a few goes,i passed out with the pain.

So here he was,my very own bun which i had cooked to a plump 7lb 5oz, perfect in every way!!

Love Mrs K xxx

Thursday, 6 January 2011

PING!!!!! Cooking times up!

So here I am, made the big "40" for the second time in my life!! & boy has it been a roller coaster ride!Today has been a very emotional day for me, there have been alot of tears & various other emotions as I "looked" back over my whole IVF experience! I remember when I first found out I was pregnant, laying in bed each night praying that nothing would go wrong & every week saying "please let me get through the next 36 weeks" & wham bam here I am, the big 40 week mark, & it feels like only yesterday that I found out.
But now he really needs to come out!!!
Im not ashamed to admit that I have found the last 3-4 weeks very hard, but Im hoping & praying that it will all be over sooner rather than later,I really don't think I can go another 2 weeks, my body has had enough, Im struggling with the simplest of everyday tasks, even going upstairs is such an effort, I cant sleep because of the pains in my hips, & when I do fall asleep I wake myself up either choking or snoring(another thing they dont tell you you develop!!)then Im frightened to go to sleep in case I choke, its a vicious circle!
But Im hoping these things will disappear soon after the birth.
So all I can do is sit & wait................& wait!
So lets have a quick catch up from 12-40 weeks(dont worry it will be quick because thankfully nothing major happened,I've been extremely lucky!)
When I was 13 weeks I went to meet up with some of the lovely ladies that I've meet on twitter, the lovely ivfchronicles aka Sarah,ivfdiary aka Fi & phillygordan aka Phillipa( if you dont follow these ladies,then do,they are amazing) we had a great weekend in oxford & it was really nice to meet these ladies in person as I had become good friends with them & lots of other ladies on twitter. Since then I have also meet up with vhl girl,fbish wife @ meezze10(more lovelies).
Since then my pregnancy has progressed well, I had a private gender scan at 17 weeks(Im so impatient I couldn't wait till I was 20 weeks to find out!) & found out I was having a little boy, which he has loving been know as junior.
During this time Mr K & ! got busy decorating the nursery which I have LOVED doing, it is my pride & joy!
Probably the only "excitement" Ive had is at 32 weeks when junior decided to do a flip (which was not a nice experience as it caused me to bleed & have a major panic!!)& sit in the breech position for a week! But again the lovely ladies of twitter came to my rescue with lots of ways to help turn him back,which must of worked because he did!
So here we are now, junior continues to grow bigger & bigger with every passing second I think! Every day I have stresses & panics over the labour & birth, It wasnt till last week that it finally hit me that this baby had to come out somehow & I had a bit of a meltdown!
Sometimes I wake in the night & think its all been a dream as I cant feel him moving around,then I put my hand on my big swollen tummy & thank god it wasnt, he is really in there!
So please come out soon junior,mummy & daddy cant wait to meet you,you are going to be so loved & I promise to love you,protect you,& nurture you with all my heart my precious little miracle!!

Love Mrs K