Friday, 11 June 2010

Place cupcake in the oven & bake at womb temperature for 40 weeks!


5 week Tummy

So here I am on the eve of my twelfth week & Ive gotta say I'm starting to get excited! I'm not ashamed to say that Ive found it hard these last seven weeks, Ive gone through every emotion possible I think, but know I just wanna shout "I MADE IT YIPPEE!!!!" & I'm so glad I did!

So after I got my BFP I worried constantly about the 1st scan, would every thing be OK? would I get there & find I was having a phantom pregnancy, that my body had played a cruel trick on me? I worried about every eventuality possible. On the morning of the scan I sat in my bedroom & cried, I was having a little chat with my uncle Brian ,my nan & grandads( who have all sadly passed away) & I just couldn't stop crying, I was praying that everything would be OK with my cupcake(s)-didn't know how many had implanted at this point-& I just couldn't pull myself together. Its normally an hours drive to my clinic so we left in plenty on time, only to arrive 40 minutes early! these were the longest 40 minutes of my life! there was quite a few other ladies there all for the same reason as Thursday is scan day, & while they all sat there beaming away I was silently sobbing in the corner. the lovely receptionist tried to get me in earlier, but she couldn't, so all I could do is sit & sob. When the nurse finally called my name (I think the other ladies were glad to see the back of me at this point) she asked if I was OK & that was it! I was blubbing all over the place saying I'm so worried theres going to be something wrong, bless her she was so lovely she just said I'm sure everything will be fine not lets get you ready & we'll find out & put you out of your misery.

Nothing in the world can describe the overwhelming joy I felt when I saw my one little cupcake flickering away on the screen, (I did have 2 embryos put in) this time I cried tears of joy & so did Mr K. I felt so relieved,happy,proud & thank full that I had finally been granted my chance.

We both came away on cloud nine, I didn't go back to work as I was so excited that I wanted to tell my family as I had managed to keep it a secret from them this time & to say they were over the moon is an understatement! My cousins cried, we were all sat round the table chatting away & Mandy said " so why aren't you at work then jack?" & I was all coy saying "oh I had to go to the doctors this morning.........cos I'm pregnant",then that was it, lots of tears & "oh my god your joking!!"

Next was my Dad & step mum, my dad is a man of very few emotions, he tends to hide it all away, so to see him shed tears when I told him meant so much to me!

Anyway lets fast forward over the next few weeks. I thought I would stop worrying after the scan, but oh no it continued! In fact it wasn't till I was reading a blog by Kate(bustedplumbing) who said she has something taped to her computer saying(can't remember all the words) stop worrying about all the things that could go wrong & start enjoying all the good things that are happening( something like that) that I began to think Ive really gotta stop all this worrying,

I will probably never experience pregnancy again so Ive really gotta start to think more positive about it, which was easier said then done when at 9-10 weeks I felt like all my little symptoms that I did have disappeared! It was like overnight I had gone from being pregnant to not! It was not an easy time,but thanks to the lovely ladies of twitter they put my mind at rest.

I have been lucky or unlucky however you wanna look at it, to have not really had any symptoms, all I have had is the occasional feeling sick & retching ,1 nose bleed, backache & headaches ( at the times when I didn't feel pregnant I actually prayed for some sickness, I know this will not make sense to the ladies that have suffered badly with it, but I felt like I needed a bit of reassurance that my cupcake was still doing well).

My tummy has grown so quick I cant believe it! I asked the midwife I was big for 10 weeks & she said if it hadn't been confirmed that I was having one baby she would of said it could possibly be twins,unless one was hiding she said at the scan! or that my uterus had just popped out quicker than normal & the baby will grown into it know & I may not grow anymore for a while, but from weeks 8-11 its grown 2.5 inches,in one week alone it grew 1.5 inches! so I cant wait to see how much its grown tomorrow when I do my weekly photo & measuring!

So on the eve of my twelfth week I have a lovely little tummy which is developing a little downy fur over it & a gorgeous pregnancy cleavage in the making ( no gel bras required now!).

I have my next scan on the 1st July when I'll be 13 weeks 2 days & I have been told that I should get a really good picture, fingers crossed!

I'm so proud that I made it to the first hurdle, here's to the next one!!!!

Keep baking

Love Mrs K xxx


  1. Yay! The difference between the early scan and the NT scan is amazing! Like there's something in there that actually looks like a little person and not a blog or bean. It's crazy!

    And so is the cleavage, lol!

  2. YAY YAY YAY!!!! I am over the moon excited for you :)